Monday, April 30, 2007

What been going on

The boys are enjoying the bright and warmer days so much. It is something you really get to appreciate after the winter.

I bought Stefan a new bike and it sat in the laundry room for a day. Davið thought he was to young for it, but he did give in. Stefan feels so big now, with a helmet and a big boy bike.

I finished my medical for immigration. It consisted of talking to one doctor and getting x-rays done. I picked up my certificate today. I even saved some money by complaining when they were going to charge me for another appointment (90.00) to get the paper. All I needed was the paper and I had already paid so much money. I paid 90.00 last Thursday just to get the referral to get the x-rays. I think this doctor has taken enough of my money. On Wednesday I will take it down to immigration and six months from then I can go to the doctors for much less money.

We had plans to build a house out on Inga and Robs land. This plan is cancelled. We will still move but not until Davið is done school, this will give us more time to plan something.

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