Saturday, April 21, 2007

take this job and...

Well, it did not actually go like that but I did give my notice for my cleaning job this week.

The unfortunate thing is that I had to give a months notice and I really do not want to work there anymore so it will be a very long month.

These were my reasons:
1. When I first started in December I asked to transferred as soon as possible to a project downtown. I have reminded my boss several times since then.
2. With summer holidays coming up for the boys I need a job that will be more accommodating with the kids.
3. I so sick and tired of the rude people that I have had to work with. There are some great ones that I will miss very much, but I can only hope I never see the rest again. There are a few people at Innes that seem to forget that I am actually a human being too.
4. Bus service may be cut further, making my bus trip to and from work even longer.
5. Poor management from Hreit left any issues or questions I ever had completely ignored or unanswered.
6. I just need a change.

I have to admit that I have no plan yet, but there is no hurry. I have at least a month to figure something out.

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