Thursday, April 19, 2007

The First Day of Summer

Today was the first day of summer, and there was frost on the ground.

Gísli told me that frost on the first day of summer is a good sign and it would be a good summer.

So it is a public holiday and everyone gets the day off.

Marcia told me that the kids were supposed to buy the kids a summer toy for a present. She brought something over for each of the boys. I did not know, so they got nothing form me.

It was a great day anyways. We were all together with the day off and we went out to Inga and Robs place.

I hope the rest of the summer is this fun.

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  1. Marcia11:03 AM

    It isn't a 'must', more like a tradition for parents or grandparents to buy something or give a special treat to the youngsters in the family on the first day of summer. Your gift of time pleasantly spent together as a family was far greater than any little toy! Hope you all had a wonderful day! :)