Saturday, April 21, 2007

This shows it

and here it is, (I saw the link on ZEFRANK )
It is a lot of reading, but so crazy!
This is a real example of no one stopping to smell roses in life.
Kinda sad....

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  1. Marcia11:31 AM

    Yes it is. When I encounter street musicians, inevitably I linger long enough to listen a bit. If I like what is being played, I stop for a while, sometimes till the musician takes a break and clap at the end of each piece. I contribute when I can (i.e. have any cash with me [I seldom do though]) and just like the little kids, keep looking back and listening for as long as I am in hearing range, feeling sad when I reach that point. Each day I need to hear some music to ease my soul, and that's no lie.