Sunday, December 04, 2011

Saturday pictures

We went to Leópold play school yesterday. It was a special day for the whole family to go see what the babies have been doing. A kind of Open House, play school style.
We were also invited to decorate and eat as many ginger snaps (pepper cookies) as we could. Great fun.
After we went to the city do get a little running around done, and that was fun too, after 5 stores, I finally found one that was not sold out of ink for my printer.

'missing the light' by Leópold

'love with sparkles' by Leópold

'Finding the way' by Leópold

decorating cookies

hard at work

still being silly

Kasper thinks this school is way funner then his

in the mall - still happy with out having to put coins in

driving with out looking

getting ready to drive home

maybe its a little too dark with the sunglasses

going to try anyways

Kasper and Bergvín

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