Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The best time of year

The Icelandic Santa's have started - although I guess not all parents are on the same page with this because they started a day earlier in some homes. Stefán is a little annoyed and wants to know why Santa was in Keflavík and not Ásbrú.

My exams are done and marks are coming in, 7.5 in Málfræði and 6.9 in Hjóðfræði - looking good :D

I got strep throat, spent half my day waiting to see a doctor and a small fortune in fees, so I am annoyed, but I needed the antibotics so I am happy to be recovering.

Leópold has some spots. Normally I wont worry to much except that I just found out that they do not immunize against measles in Iceland. So now Im a little stressed.

I´ve got the boys busy making Christmas cards for everyone, kinda a make-work project, and I am sorry to say that I missed the mail to Canada date - in order to arrive in time for Christmas - by 1 day, but you will get them in time for new years, unless they get lost in the mail.

And I miss my brother Tye, who is currently not speaking with me.

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