Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In a cottage

I think it might be only in Iceland where you pack up the car, drive an hour or two, unpack the car in some rented cottage, usually through the unions, relax for a day or two then repack the car and drive home. The whole thing is actually very exhausting, but leaves some good memory's.
We shared a cottage, or summer house, with my classmate, Geidre and her family on December 23, on night of Christmas. We cooked tons of food, ate far to much and relaxed. It was great fun and good exercise on the mind because of the languages they speak, we could only communicate with her husband in English and her in Icelandic making the constant switching between languages a good exercise for my mind who has been on holidays of late.
And what summer house would be complete without a hottub?
The boys showed the Canadian in them by eating snow and tossing snow will chilling in the hot pot

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