Sunday, February 20, 2011

Generation Change

A small, slightly complicated story.
Davíð - my husband
Davíð Róch - a childhood friend of my husbands
Cassie - my good friend in Njarvík
Einar - Cassie's hushband
Úlfur - Einar's son from a previous relationship and now Davíð Roach's roommate.

Iceland is too small.

Anyways, here it goes. I received an invitation on Facebook for Davíð Róch's moving in party.I check out the invite and I see his new roommate is Úlfur. And that creeped me out. Now I may be over reacting but it seems strange to me. I just dont think I could hang out and watch my friends step son drink lots. I just suddenly feel so old.
I know how this happened. Cassie is a few years older then me and her husband is a few years older then her. That combined with Davíð being one year younger then me and some of his group of friends being a few years younger then him means this is possible but I still think it is strange.
So now I look at young adults and see children.
I must be getting old.

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