Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apartment Compost

I have always wanted a compost. I can not explain why, but I find them so fun.
In Edmonton we had one, Davíð bought me a huge container as a mother's day gift, but we moved before I could harvest anything from it.
Now I live in an apartment, with no balcony, and while I have looked at apartment composting ideas, it still seems like more trouble then my cute little bunny. The perfect express composer.
This little guy, usually just called bunny, eats all our leftover vegetables, fruit bits - cores, whatever! He loves it,and in return for our scraps, he leaves tiny little fertilizer bits. Perfect for my indoor plants.
No mixing, smells or waiting! And the best part is he's so cuddly.


  1. Ha, ha, Ko-Leen - very cute! Just think, if Bunny didn't already have "a maker" you could have coined that one!! It's a great idea anyway. And, hey, Rósa eats everything else left over and carries the smelly compost outside herself... You COULD think up a system for the township to help them deal with garbage disposal. You just might have started a trend: A two-pets-per-home system.

  2. Bunnies are definitely great composters! Thanks for the link. Rob