Thursday, February 17, 2011

Because ----->

The baby is sick and sleeping all day and I have mountains of sick baby laundry, I also have, finally, time to upload a few pictures!
I am actually to tired to study. No sleep + Icelandic = brain hurts

The boys cooked me dinner, I was proud of them but they look ashamed. I wonder what happened?

Kasper built this, a replica of the one he made in Canada, 5 years ago.

This is Little Davíð. Sometimes we call him Stefán to avoid confusion.

Everyone loves Nacho's, even baby's.

Leó on a playdate.

One of his girlfriends.

Snowman of the year, not by my children.

Winter in ásbrú. It only lasted a few day and now we are back to the wind, rain and above zero. I miss the snow. 
The first sled ride ever! He was impressed.

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