Saturday, July 31, 2010

A few weeks of photos, in random order

A game of RISK with a few Spanish Couchsurfers
The dinner these nice boys cooked for us, it looked like potato and onion omelette's, but they called it tortilla.
Flipping the tortilla.
Ulfrun, Amelia and Leópold playing dolls.
Rósa, very proud of her new found stick.
Rósa playing fetch with the big stick.
An anchor on rocks, the Icelandic art equivalent of kittens in America.
For the Americans it was a church, the Icelanders use it as a school.
Kasper, Stefán and Jack in the distance. South coast of Iceland.
A large family, including many from Canada, get together for dinner.
We all went out for a long drive (several hours) to get the best of the best lobster in Iceland.
Leópold and his 2 year old second cousin Alice, side by side.
And last but not least, I finally saw Icelands largest prison in person. We were actually admiring the beautiful town beside it and realized that housing might be cheap here.

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