Friday, July 02, 2010

Canada Day

A super happy, only slightly be-lated Canada Day to everyone, but more importantly,
A super happy, only slightly be-lated Birthday wishes to my little sister, Shantell.
Well, she is only 13 months younger then me, but still,
I miss her terribly and worry that if I call, I will only start crying.
Next year, even if I have to hijack a fishing boat, I will be spending next July 1 in Canada, eating Dairy Queen ice cream cake and complaining about the heat while slapping mosquito's. Feeling itchy with anticipation.

1 comment:

  1. Michal11:02 PM

    Well the mosquitoes were late this year. We didn't have any, really, for Canada Day, but they arrived for the beginning of August in record numbers. It's been buggy! We are definitely itching here.

    Looking forward to you being back in Canada for a visit next year.