Monday, March 09, 2009

September 11th

now it is official. I am 13 weeks pregnant and am due september 11, 2009.

sorry it took so long to admit it, I had to tell my dad before I told you.


  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    my nephew was born on sept 11, that would be too funny

  2. to be fair I tend to go way over due dates, I am actually just hoping this one is born not on the same day as Stefán, October 8th

  3. Anonymous1:17 AM

    ha ha ha ha that would be too funny or how about calibe he shares Kaspers birthday. and shame on you for leaving your brother in the dark all alone in the closet I noticed the prego counter long before I said any thing..

    Hey do you still get the same symptoms from when you were prego with Kasper or stefan....


  4. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Congradulations, Boy or Girl?
    Good Luck, Jray

  5. Anonymous4:32 AM

    hahaha,how cool would that be to have two kids on the same day!!!

  6. holy comments - and questions.

    I am sorry tye!

    I will not know if it is a boy or girl until next month - but you will know as soon as I do!

    Because my brother tye and I have birthdays only 4 days apart - I hope for the kids they have more time then that.

    As it is I am seeing combined birthday parties. :)

  7. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Thanks for the apology...And come on you know that you know you like our birthdays close to one another that way it easy to remember just think if you can get one month in between then your set to go