Wednesday, March 25, 2009

16 weeks

Today I had my real 16 week check up and everything is OK but could be going better.

My blood tests came back and my iron etc is fine, this is good news but I get retested in a month.

The not so good news is that because I have been puking too much I have lost weight since my last check up. Not much, just 1.5 kilos and you should not be losing weight at this point, at all.

She says I am a little dry, makes sense, I puke a lot of water!

So I am now on a temporary sick leave from work, just a few days for now, so I can 'focus on eating and relaxing'.

New plan, eat something small every hour. A cracker or an orange. And just sip the water.

I would not mind one of these peaceful pregnancies I hear about - the ones where the second trimester is full of rainbows.

But I have to admit, I should have seen this coming!

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