Monday, June 23, 2008

A school year in reveiw.

Time to go through the family one by one:

Davíð started at the University of Iceland in the Department of Engineering. September was a nightmare - tons of work and no time to eat or sleep. The semester did not go so well. After Christmas - try again - same problems.
Now Davíð is working as an electrician for Rafís, working 730 - 330 and having a great a great time. He really enjoys his new job and is working on perfecting his Polish. This will take some time but it going well.
This fall he is planning on attending evening courses to finally get his ticket.

Kasper attended Íssak Skóli again this year, and grade one again. In September his Icelandic was almost nonexistent and no one could understand him.
The year went very well - with special thanks to his teacher Sissý, who really took the time for him.
Now his Icelandic is actually better then his English and he will be move forward a grade next year - so he will be back with the kids his own age.
I am sure next year will go well, a teachers aid is already in place, he will continue his occupational therapy and life will go one, as an Icelandic child.

Stefán is getting very big now. Like he says - soon he can walk to school alone. Well, maybe not that soon.
In September he started in the 4 year old class in play school. I have to admit I was very disappointed in this class, but this might just be because the three year old class was so great.
He learned how to make real friends, Joven and Mikæal, and has practiced his sharing.
He recognizes and writes most letter and can count in Icelandic.
Stefáns speaks more and more Icelandic everyday, and less and less English. It is a little sad talking to him when he can not get through a sentence without substituting for Icelandic words.
This fall Stefán will be moving u in the world - up to Kindergarten in Kasper's school. This is an whole new world that he can not wait to join.

Rósa, our dog and newest addition to our family. I had always wanted a little girls, but a dog really is just as good. I get to comb her all the time and am considering experimenting with hair cuts.
She is now completely trained and only eats our shoes when we are not looking.

Myself, well you know how it is. The year started out rough - working more then 70 hours a week. Yuck. it has been busy.
I worked in reception in a hotel - worked up to reservations manager, then quit.
I worked in a nursing home, took care of old people, was devastated, then quit.
I started at toys r us.
I was promoted to section manager
I was promoted to assistant store manager.
I was promised more,
then I quit.
I probably sound a little flaky, but these actions all have reasons.
I have applied for University to take some economics - interesting I know. Exciting? Yes! Who would not be excited to go to school in a language the only half understood, never mind spoke. Lucky for me the books are in English and the tests can be translated for me.
One week from today I will finish work and will be taking the summer off AGAIN!! This is becoming a habit.
So I will be writing much more, lounging at the beach more, chasing animals at the Zoo and enjoying the best two months of the year with my boys.

If this year has helped us with anything, it is that we have to learn to enjoy more of what we have - admit this is life. Far too much time is spent waiting for things to get better. Now we know, things are better, we only need to open our eyes.

We can see clearly now.

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