Friday, June 27, 2008

How could I have gotten so far behind?

So many pictures - so little time

This poor goat is the king of morning hair.

I had to go off the path in the zoo to get this picture, the guy just kept running away.

In the science room

it looked so close

már in a bubble

Stefán in a bubble


Spotted Cow

up close

this must be my favorite thing about the zoo here, it only has farm animals.

we petted them

Inga's new hair do - an great summer style

Kasper is always working on his soccer, even at Ammas

It is so bright - hard to believe after a winter here

some brunch at Ammas

Excellent Kasper

The dead rat (it is real), up close and personal



and Davíð
I think this covers everyone for now.

We are off to Kristína's 30th birthday party.

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