Monday, June 30, 2008

A bucket of dogs, among other things

My first day unemployed! Three cheers for me.

We started renovating the living room last night, starting with the radiators (old heating systems), they had to go.
I am so proud of Davíð for unhooking them himself - we don't need no stinking plumber! But I must admit the place is a mess, water, carbon and holes in the walls.
It is hard to believe now but it will get better!

Kasper got an ear infection, just in time for me to not have to take a sick day from work, selfish I know.

I emptied out the storage room and now have half of it reorganized, the other half I will do later tonight or tomorrow, I have not decided yet.

Kasper's friends, Gunnar's mom, Magga (got that) came over today with Gunnar to play. She showed my her pictures online. I like them, so I piked my favorites.

I like it.

This giant puppet was from last year.

similar to the view out on new years

I just do not know what has happened here...

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