Saturday, September 16, 2006

A kid we will call M

The is a boy in Kasper´s class that we will call M. You never know if his parents will ever read this page for some reason.

Anyways, M can cause some problems. He hits thw other kids all the time. Kasper told me he is hitting him everyday. I talked to the principle who talked to the teacher but this hitting is still going on.

In the after school program I work in I get to see M in action. He throws rocks at kids, I tell him not to, he ignores me. He hits kids and refuses to listen to anyone. Even when we are talking to them as a group, he will ignore us, or tell us off. He was recently told he needed a coat to go outside, he told this person the shut up.

I really want to shake M around sometimes, and by sometimes I mean whenever I see him.

I could never figure out how a kid could be so bad, until now.

His dad is worse. M is always in trouble. If M can not find his hat he is called stupid. He is always rushed and never greeted with a smile.

This does not make me like M anymore. After all he causes probelms for my own son everyday. This does make me very angry with his parents. The lack of compassion and parenting skills is not only affecting them and there family. It is having a ripple effect on the entire grade one.

The children are unhappy around him.

The adults feel crazy and stressed out not know what to do with this boy.

And this is all because of the parents.

I will have to talk to the principle again on Monday, I think it is his job to do something about this.

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