Monday, September 04, 2006

Almost Everyone in school

OK, not everyone is in school. Davið is working but he plans to do some school stuff soon.

Stefan is suppossed to be starting play school any day now. It has not happened yet. The school is short 3 staff and will not take Stefan until they get enough staff. It has been this way for almost a month so I am no longer optimistic. Someday he will be starting school. For now he joins me in class or visits his amma or afi for a few hours a day.

Kasper started school on August 25. He is grade one now and is very happy there. He only has class from 9 to 2. He has fun classes like weaving and swimming lessons. Kids in Iceland take swimming lessons every year in school til grade ten.

Kasper attends a before school program that is free every morning. I have class at 8, so he has to.

There is an after school program that is called Dreamland in English. It is really fun, more like a play school, and that goes from 2-5:15. This usually has a small cost of 7 000 kr a month.

I got a job in Dreamland for a few days a week so Kasper would nto have to wait to get in and it also makes it free for him. It is a good job. The time goes by fast and it is easy to practice Islandic with small kids. I am also still working at the hotel.

The school has a great lunch program. For only 5 600 kr a month the kids get a warm supper like meal at lunch everyday. If I went to the grocery store and spent that I could get 2 or three bags of grocerys. If I was buying any meat, even fish, it might only be one. So, you can see this is a very good deal. They get milk to drink and really good food. They eat alot of fish. Almost everyday but about once a week they get lamb. Kasper is eating it really well. Even all the vedgetables. This makes things so much easier at home because I have to worry about one less kid getting a full balanced diet. After school, after the meal and 2 snacks there, he only has room for something small for supper, like soup!

When Stefan does get into play school he will get great meals there too. The grocery bill just keeps on going down.....

I am in school now aswell. I am studying Icelandic. It is really hard. They say it is the 3rd hardest in the world to learn. I am very bad with it but I am sure it will get better. After almost 2 weeks in class I know all the fruits, vedgetables and family members. I am learning about clothing now. I still do not know enough to even have a conversation with a 5 year old but I was very happy when I could read the menu at Kasper´s school.

I did drop a class today. It was a life skills class that is supposed to help me adjust to like in Iceland, but it is taught in Icelandic. I really did try it but I was not getting anything out of it. I will take it next semester, I hope to understand then.

The other three classes are going well enough. The only problem is that the people in this program have been in Iceland for a few years and already know lots of Icelandic. I think they are just there to get better. I did not know any, so I have to work very hard to catch up.
I will let you know how things go, but I am very determined.

There is also a place to eat in my school that is very well priced. Only 70 kr a coffee! The next cheapest I have seen is 250, so I drink coffee at school now.

Davið is still working for the same company and doing very well. They have lots of work and I know Davið is very good at his job. There is plenty of overtime which pays really well and he still gets great meals at work. He is working on the airport right now. After that is done he might help on the new IKEA.

Iceland is getting a new big IKEA like in Edmonton. The one right now is really small and can be walked through in 20 minutes.

Well, now you know what we do with the day.

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