Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kasper´s swimming lesons

Kasper started swimming lessons last Tuesday. I am very happy with them. He has 2 lessons a week, Tuesday and Thursday and each lesson is an hour long.

There is only 8 kids in the class and 2 teachers, and the lessons are right in the school. So I can take him straight from Dreamland to swimming with only 15 minuites in between, enough time for a snack.

The cost is very reasonable, about 14 000 kr for 12 weeks. That is less then 600 a lesson.

The lessons in Canada, at Grant MacEwen (which was suppossed to be good) cost 55.00 CND for 8 weeks that had one 30 minuite lesson each. So it is only 7.00 a lesson. But the lesson is half the time and the class alway had about 20 kids to one teacher. Kasper got almost nothing out of those lessons.

I am very happy with the lessons here.

I also assume when Kasper understands more Icelandic hewill do much better in these classes.

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