Thursday, September 21, 2006

All I wanted was a hole puncher

My teachers give us so many papers and they are almost never whole punched. My binder is a mess, papers fall everywhere. When I try stabbing wholes in the paper and stuffing it on the rings, it is a mess and always crinkled. The binders here half 4 rings, some have only 2 but mine have 4.

So, I went out shopping for a hole punch. I went to many stores and did not find one. Then I was lucky, I found one! I brought it to the counter, it cost...

2,300 kr!!!

That is crazy. I told them that. At 63 Kr. In 1 CND that hole punch cost more then 38.00. This is crazy! And it did not even punch 4 holes, only 2 so I would have to use it twice.

As you might guess I did not buy a hole punch. My binder is still unorganized, but what can you do? Stab holes in the paper I guess.

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