Monday, August 14, 2006

Now for the sad news....

There was bad news with the arrival of the container.

Stuff broke. The big expensive furniture of Inga and Rob's did not make it. The green leather couch, table....

It was sad. I am lucky we did not have anything that expensive to worry about in there.

Our boxes did get wrecked though. All the cardboard ones were ripped apart and the plastic bins crumpled. But for the most part the stuff inside was ok. That is if you don't mind the smell...

I have never been in a container but I know what it smells like because everything we own smells like it right now. I am taking over the washing room for a couple of days.

Rob packed my kraft dinner! We had some last night, what a treat!


  1. Thats harsh.
    How did it break like in half or what exactly do you mean. I remember rob and I pack the container as tight as we could, meaning no sharp objects poking at it and stuff.I am very sorry to hear that some stuff never made it.

  2. It is ok, no one is blaming you. These things happen.