Tuesday, August 01, 2006

German Appliances

The laundry problem has resurfaced. This time because everything is in German on my new washer. Davið tried but could not help me.

I thought the boys were growing at an alarming rate, but it turns out I was shrinking the clothing at an alarming rate. There is a dial on my washer. It has numbers around it. I thought, oh ya, just like Canada. I can do this. So I set our dirty clothing at 95, thinking it would be a nice long wash. The my friend Marcia came over. That is a temperature dial. I was boiling all of our clothing.

There is one washer and one dryer in the building. We share. This is the easiest sharing I have ever done because no one else ever uses it. I have lived there almost a week. The laundry room is right across from my apartment. I look in all the time and have only once seen anyone else doing laundry.

It is true we do have a dryer. No one uses it. I can see why, because it is a pain. I would rather walk up to the fourth floor of the building with every load of wet clothing to dry them on the drying lines then use it. Unless there was an emergency. This dryer takes forever. I tried drying stuff in there and it took almost 3 hours to get totally dry. That is with turning it back on every half an hour. Then when it is done you have to empty the water. There is a container that collects the water it gets out of the clothing that needs to be emptied. It is weird. Then you empty the lint and pull out a panel to see if underneath needs a vacuum.

Walking up the stairs is good for me.

I am getting good with hanging up clothing to dry now. Our drying room even has 2 big windows so stuff drys within a day. Good enough. Except I dry my underwear on the radiators in the living room. Decoration really. I worry with 5 other apartments that someone might be a little strange.

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