Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I have my apartment!

We moved into our apartment last week. It is great. It is true, it is a little small, but now I think it is just the right size for us.

My only complaint is that the people that sold it to us repainted just before we bought it so we would not see the water damage. The old pipes are eroding and now there is water damage coming out at the bottom of half the walls. Luckily for us we can have this fixed, not at our expense. We still owe them 1.7 million that would be paid in November. This waiting to pay the last bit it great because it gives you a chance to find things that they would try to hide. So we can probably have the pipes fixed and everything repainted out of the money we were supposed to give them. Serves them right for lying to us. We even asked why the old radiators were there and they said they just had not had the chance to take them out. They did not tell us about all the pipe damage.

Besides that, everything is great. I love my kitchen! The living room now has furniture that we can pretend matches. I even have a vacuum. I always wanted a vacuum and now I have one. I do not have any carpet, just lamanent floors. You know, looks like wood. Except people here have called them parkay. I do not know what parkay is, or if that is how you spell it. I know now that it can not be spelled that way because spell check keeps telling me off.

We have a television but it is not plugged in yet. I think it is going to be in the kids room. For entertainment in the evenings Davið and I can sit out in the yard, drinking tea and watching the crazy people mill about. I wish I could understand Icelandic because some of them get really worked up about something. One women gotreally up set with us for not planting flowers in our yard. Now, our yard, that is a story on its own.

My back yard is great because I am on the ground floor and can walk out to it. I see it from my living room and kitchen windows. So do the people across from me. For some reason though, no one else cared what it looked like. The weeds could have hidden small children and there was more moss then grass. There is still more moss then grass. I thoughtmaybee there was no lawn mower and that was why no one cut the grass. I was wrong. In the laundry room there is an electric mower, several rakes and shovels and even a pair of long handled shears. At some point someone cared about this lawn. It must have been a while ago. Anyways, we cut the grass. Már poisoneded some weeds and although it still looks scary, it is getting better. I now have a project.

Moss seems to be the equivalent to clover in Canada. It grows and takes over if there is something wrong with the soil. I did kinda like clover, but at least a moss problem is still green and could be passed of as grass from a distance.

I guess that is all I have to say about it for now. I am sure later, more will come to mind.
Also, if anyone would like my new address, please email me and I will send it to you. I do not want to encourage any crazy stalkers with putting my address online.

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