Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hotel Reykjavik

I have a job!!!

Yesterday I started my new job at the hotel directly across the street from me called The Hotel Reykjavik.

I have to start from the beginning here. On Wednesday I went and asked if they were looking fir anyone and they gave me an application, in Icelandic. I took it home to get help filling it out.

When Davið got home we started filling out this application. At first were the usual questions like my name, ID number and phone number. The they asked my husbands name, is job, his ID number and we were a little confused. If fact I did not give them his ID number. Then they asked my kids names and birthdays. I did not answer that, I asked why they needed that, on an application? They asked if I had ever been overseas and what my business was there. Well, I was born overseas and did everything there until very recently. Finally they asked more regular questions like work history. I finished the application.

On Thursday I handed it in at the front desk of the hotel. I was not feeling all that hopeful because I would not answer so many of the questions. It was worth a try, for a job that close to home.

Friday I went in to see if they had a chance to see my application. They looked for it. I waited and they looked some more. Finally they told me they did not have it and must have lost it. I think someone just put it in the garage. Because they could not find it a manager just talked to me and hired me! Knowing only my first name and that I could only work weekends.

Saturday I started work at 7 a.m. I was finished at 11. For 3 hours I stand by the bar in a buffet answering questions for tourists like which one has coffee?, is this orange juice?And do you have hot milk? We do not have hot milk, only cold milk and we do not warm it up for people. I also help clear tables when people are done. It is not busy at all. Usually 3-4 tables at a time and 2 people working. At 10 a.m. we close it down and for the last hour I help clean up. It is great. I am even done early enough I really still have to entire day ahead of me.

I worked today, Sunday, it was the same.

Some of the perks in me new job include a 20 minute breakfast break that includes free breakfast. We eat the same food as the guests. We even get free juice and stuff. The food is great. Fruit is really expensive here, so it is nice that a couple days a week I can stuff myself full at someone else's expense. We are not charged for uniforms! The uniforms are not so ugly that you are embarrassed to be wearing them.

I can wake up at 10 to 7 an still get to work on time! I think this will be a great job for some extra spending money.

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