Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It is the age old question - at least in couchsurfing circles
Is it better to only host people when you have tons of time to show them around, help out and or offer meals?
Is it better to host more often and offer more of a minimum, at least a place to rest your head?
Admittedly I have done both. I tend to lean towards the offering nothing extra, just a place to sleep and if we get along super well, then more. But this does not always work either. Seriously, sometimes I feel annoyed when I have to many surfers in a row who, I feel, expect to much out of me.  Then I get cranky and thats never good. But I so enjoy the good ones, it is really so much fun.
Davíð is the opposite.
Even if he does not get along with someone he will go out of his way to be a good host.  I can not really understand this, but I guess he is just a better host then me. Funny, because I am the one who does most of the couchsurfing stuff.
Maybe no way is better. But if there is one right way then someone should tell me because if I am right I have to get teasing Davíð.

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