Thursday, September 27, 2012

My dearest little brother

Austin, Amanda, Tye and Jordyn
My brother, I have so much to say.
And so much that will have to wait.
My only wish is that you knew how AMAZING you were.


  1. Michal12:49 AM

    This is a great picture of Tye - and his wife and family?

    Will continue to pray that God will comfort you as you grieve his death.

  2. Ingamma6:58 PM

    Lovely picture of Tye and his family. Beautiful words from you. I'm sure you often made him feel proud of his achievements. You are such a good big sister. Your believe in him helped immensely in his pursuing what he most wanted from life. And he DID get the chance to realize and live a lot of them. May the good memories help to heal the hurt and loss you feel now. We all love you.