Saturday, July 21, 2012


We did it. We went to wonderland, and it was amazing! Sensory overload! And magical. Aside from Calaway Park this was my first huge amusement park experience. I loved it. I probably couldn't do it everyday, but still....
We brought Sonia with us as a guide, and we used her parking pass as an extra.
Leó driving - living the dream


Sonia was a great cousin and went on all the baby rides with me and Leó

This one they let him go on alone. I was surprised.

Leó's a little scared, Sonia is playing it cool

Leó catching a ride in a stroller that has been used by many family members

Team blue  -The Killers

Kasper, future race car driver

Great signs in the dino section

Leó always stays on the path

Leó was actually really scared and we had to tell him they were like toys

looking for fossils

Sonia found a foot

Leó didnt even know what he was looking for

Stefán working on the back

Soaking wet after waiting on a bridge for the boat ride to splash everyone

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