Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Robert will be 62

My father in law is having his birthday this weekend and sent out, to everyone, this fabulous invitation.
I think I am allowed to share it with you because he said everyone is welcome, EVERYONE. It is one of those kind of partys. And while it says you dont need to bring food, I think I might try to make something and maybe you can too.
We have decided to have a party here on SATURDAY AUGUST 13 (Not Friday
the 12th, but people are welcome to arrive whenever.)

Saturdays are better days for parties than Fridays. And anyway it
won't be a facile"birthday party" but, rather, a gift-free celebration
of:(a) our acquisition of Víðihóll in its entirety, (b) the Dog Days,
July 13-Aug 13, i.e. the by-far-best time of year, (c) Inga's 60th,
(d) ok, wtf, my birth day.

We'll tell people to turn up and leave (or not) when they like. There
will be two pools, two empty houses and a bus, a former greenhouse
(now rec room, which will become a greenhouse again in 2013; great
until then for a bad weather party), lamb on a spit (no vegans
expected, but welcome to watch) and potatoes. And music.And I hope
dancing. I will try to have the lamb & potatoes ready by 6 or 7 pm. I
am not planning to serve much vitamin C or dessert.

I would like you to consider inviting friends. Call it a Dog Days
Party. It would be more fun with some of them. And they will have fun,

People should just bring something to drink and sleeping bags. Of
course we will not body-search people for lettuce, tomatoes, cake,
tofu or whatever they really want to eat if meat & spuds is not
enough. A tent would do no harm, but is not a deal breaker. Family has
dibs on the housing, but there will be spare floor space for friends.

This should be memorable.


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