Sunday, August 07, 2011

A beautiful Saturday

Today, while enjoying the amazing weather here, 18 today, with the same expected for tomorrow, my thoughts are elsewhere.

My little brother Tye is getting married this weekend.

Anyone who knows me knows my family is seriously confusing, so let me explain, Tye is the one who has the same mother as me, different fathers.

He is 5 years younger then me, so when I left Canada he was still so young. 20.

It is hard to imagine him now. Older, with a better half, a toddler following him and a baby in his arm.

I wish I was there. Mostly to help out. Thats what family is for right? I feel so helpless out here. I really wanted to do something for them.

But I am counting on my sister, Shantell. She went out on Thursday to help with the kids, probably calm some nerves. She is a super hero.

We have the same mother as well, but she has a different father, then Tye too. I know, it is confusing.

When you look at pictures, it is hard to believe that we are related at all, but we are still family. And if we can not be there, we still dream of each others weddings.

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