Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arts and Crafts

The soccer club in our town had a Christmas Craft and Pepper Cookie day today.
These are the results.
No Stefán cause he caught the flu.

Here Kasper is loading up his cookie with chocolate and icing, because he does not like the taste of the cookies.

More chocolate please.

You can now see why he was a little sugared up for the rest of the day and is still jumping on the couch.

The women who sat next to me is much better at crafts then me. I was jealous, she even sewed things. Everything I made had a lot of glue.

The finished product, this took us all afternoon.

Kasper giving his helpful advice.

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  1. My bright idea was to have Palmer make necklaces this year, and the first one was so frustrating (trying to do it the real way with clasps and all) we just resorted to one big loop with 5 beads. That will have to do! Hugs to you guys!