Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pay as you go

I know it is gross. I am lucky and have not had to use one yet. This is what they have so no one needs to ask to use restaurant toilets. Maybe Mei would like to set one up outside the restaurant for all the people that come to only use the bathrooms. And she could make some money. This one is at the bus station.
The WC stands for water closet. I guess it is supposed to be English but I did not know what all the WC signs were for when I moved here, and I speak English.


  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Three words of warning for you: Mid-Session Door Malfunction

    Been there. Read the directions, inserted coins, stepped in, closed the doors behind me (securely!), proceeded with my business, and about 30 seconds later - "click" - the door slid open behind me. Lucky I wasn't sitting down.

    Actually, I've yet to encounter one that actually worked as advertised.

  2. They just scare me. They look like space ships or something. And I do not think I could be paid enough to actually sit down in there. Maybe go in to take pictures...but not sit down

  3. Anonymous1:28 AM

    BTW, the killer-feature there is the 15 minute limit. After that the doors automatically open, and if you close them again without inserting more coins, they spray the whole inside with hot, soapy water to clean it out.

    Maybe that's just something they say happens to scare off those who might think it's a decent accommodation for 10 krónur.

    I don't know, my MDM experience was enough to scare me off. :-)