Saturday, January 13, 2007


My babysitter completely avoided me so at 10:30 last night I realized I would have no one to watch Stefan today while I was at work.

Kasper had his first sleep over at a friends house, he is getting so big!

I had to work 7-3. I took Stefan to work with me and Agata came and picked him up at 9 and brought him home and with her boyfriend waited for me to finish work.

(It is nice that I have the option of bringing my kids to work with me)

So here is the funny part: Agata has never been in my house before. I had explained which apartment I lived in and gave her the keys. She took Stefan there, went in the building and down the stairs like I had told her. Then when they were on the main floor she asked Stefan which one was his house. (Individual apartments withing a building do not have there own numbers here, even the mail is all just thrown in together and we sort it out). Stefan pointed at a door. Agata gets the keys and tries to open it. It does not work. She tries the other keys while shaking the doorknob and thinking the lock is broken. Stefan just stands there. Then Gisli mt neighbour answers the door, half asleep and wanting to know why they where trying to get into his apartment. Stefan started laughing. He laughed and laughed.

Although they were very embarrassed, they like the sense of humour.

When I got home I made everyone some Timmies, and they agreed it is some of the best coffee they have ever had.

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