Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fishing trip

Davíð is gone on a fishing trip for work purposes. He just got back from Germany. His friend got married. When I went to wash the clothing from the trip I saw the suitcase was empty and my first assumption was that he had forgotten every stitch of clothing he brought with him in Germany. I spent a large part of the day being angry. When he got home I asked him what he had done with all his clothing. I guess he had packed them in his bike box. So I had no reason to be mad. Lesson learned. Check the shipping box before you assume the worst. In other news:

The car made it to the 300 000 kilometer mark. Pretty amazing I think. Particularly when you consider that I live next to the sea and you know what that means? Constant salt. 1998 Toyota Corolla. Still going strong.

We took a nice family trip to the beach on one of the closest things to good weather days we get around here. It must have been 16 above. Notice we are still wearing sweaters.

While Davíð was in Germany I had to bring Leópold to work a lot. As you can see here he got a little tired sometimes. This was at nearly 11 at night. Today I am very grateful that my older kids are home to put the little guy to bed for me since I am working until midnight...

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