Saturday, August 09, 2014

busy weekend followed by a calm week

Today is Robert's, my father in law's, birthday party. I am not even going to try to guess how old he is. Last time I tried to and ended up being off by ten years. Luckily for me I guessed ten years too young so have lived to tell the tail. I wish I could remember how many years ago that was. It would give me a clue.

Davíð is out in mósó with the boys for the party while I work. Seems like I am always working these days.

I am also working tomorrow but have managed to wheel and deal my way into finishing work early tomorrow, early meaning dinner time, so I can get home in time to eat with my family.

It will be extra important to eat with them tomorrow because on Monday everyone leaves. Davíð goes to Germany for a week the wedding of a childhood friend, Kasper leaves for a special camp for teenagers and Stefán will be at the classic scouts camp. This leaves Leó and I home alone for a week.

Mom and Leó time. It is going to be great. Quality time, much needed rest and a calm environment for him to get back into routine.

I also have to get my own routine going. I start school again in a couple weeks and still have not even sorted out my book list.

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