Monday, May 12, 2014

The Fire Truck Museum

Yesterday I made a dream come true for Leópold. I finally got him to the Fire Truck Museum in Reykjanesbær. I have actually tried to take him before but with the opening hours not listed it is kinda tricky business trying to arrive when the door is not locked. 
But yesterday we got in, and it seems to open at 1 on Sundays in case you are trying to get in yourself. 
And is costs 850 kr. for Adults, so bring your money. Leópold was free but I do not know at what age they would charged.
Here are some pictures. Some are a little blurry on account of the fact that Leópold is so full of energy you need a sport high definition action camera to get a clear shot. 

airport firetruck

he really wanted to climb up there

One ambulance in with the fire trucks

Before they were really firetrucks

More like fire trolleys for the horse to drag. 

Lights and sound from the big fire of 1915

Leópold is also a statue 

Leópolds favorite area, the spare parts

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