Friday, May 02, 2014

3 days of crazy on the way

check it out, the red cross store I volunteer in is having a 50% off sale tomorrow, three hours only 11-2, because we know you have room in your closet after spring cleaning.

also tomorrow:
women if the world meet for coffee and planning of our mountain hike and bbq trip at the end of the month.
see you at the library at 1.

i am also working tomorrow at my new job in Garður.

and on sunday.

i am also preparing for my last exam.

and I had a job interview today, cause summer is the time to work like a crazy person, isnt that right.

monday is my last exam, that means that tuesday morning starts the serious dieting in preparation of my graduation on june 21, providing i passed everything, and i suspect i did.

now i am taking kasper out for dinner at kfc in order to combine eating with quality time.

i am the master of multitasking.

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