Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whats new?

Leó, too tired to sit up

Stefán getting of the bus after his first cross country trip alone

I think he looks older

His injury while on holidays

Stefán on his way to his first international scouts weekend campout. There was swedish scouts there aswell. Stefán was the leader of the scouts from keflavík.

Davíð took us out for some Thai Keflavík, we ate Sushi. Only in Iceland would you go to a Thai resturaunt to order sushi.

As you can see, even in Iceland it can be to sunny to sit on the patio. We loved it.

Our teenager. The poor tourtured soul.

Kasper waiting to begin his first day in computer programming summer camp. They have a summer camp for everyone these days.

Leó, super proud of his new shoes he picked out himself. It takes a real man to wear fire engine red shoes everyday.

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