Friday, June 07, 2013

margreit - the lifesaver

This nice girl here, her name is Margreit, has been a life saver. She stayed with us the beginning of her trip and the end. The beginning being right after I broke my foot and the end being as she just left today. 
Her helpfulness included, but is not limited to, babysitting so Davíð and I could go out for dinner, taking Leópold to school and picking him up, walking the dog, carrying food up the stairs and furniture downstairs when we were preparing for the wedding. 
There was also acts of housekeeping like the dishes always seemed to be done.
But seriously, besides these helpful things she was also always smiling, singing and playing one of those tiny little guitars that I do not know the name of. 
Today she flew home to the Netherlands after 9 months of travelling around the world. 
Sure going to miss this one.

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