Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lots to do, but nothing new with that

I have more pictures from my visit with the president, I have to pput them up soon. I even have one with just me standing with him, I am feeling rather stecial now. Athough I have to admit in such a small country, I think most people have met the president at sometime or another.
I am on a mission the finsish this book I am trying to read for íslandssaga. Only 120 pages left, then an essay on the history of the Salvation Army in Iceland. Maybe I publish the English version here, incase anyone is interested.
It is going to be a long night of reading, but I am on break right now, in fact I already read from three hours today and am feeling rather good about myself. Besides the horrible cheating have been doing on the deit over the weekend.
but lets not talk about that now.

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