Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moving up in the world

But not really. My new apartment will be on the third floor of the same building I am now. Makes for easy moving but more stairs for the grocery trips. I guess it could be good for me.
I have been sorting and organzing and getting ready for the move, it is kind of exciting, I love rearanging the furnature and my new apartment will be the exact opposite of the one I am in now.
The air in the apartment is not really bareble now. It makes me cough, a lot. So I could be more productive, but whats the rush, at least we have the hotel room for now.
I am really grateful for the help offers. Its good to know I have such good friends, but I dont even know exactly what to ask for. I am actually still so shocked I have been cool as a cucumber in dealing with it. 
One thing at a time, deep breath and one more suger free euroshoppper energy drink.

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