Monday, June 25, 2012


The uofs has a few dinosaur replicas - Leó was impressed

Stefán on the bus :D

karts to rent in midtown mall - felt robbed at 4.00

My uncle Norman bought these cars for my Dad's wifes house, Leó was crazy about them

First time having Dairy Queen.

Good stuff.

Dad's wifes daughters backyard - thats a mouthful to say.

who needs a swim suit?

snacks after swimming

great kool-aid, from a stand

totally worth 75 cents a glass

Stefán the race driver - in go kart

Leó driving a kids go kart. He is a terrible driver.

A very proud Kasper
a.k.a. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We spent half with my Dad and half in a hotel - I love Saskatoon. Great people.

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