Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The nearly whole clan - sask side

One night everyone met up at my Dad's house for a BBQ gone not so well, it rained, so we stayed in.
Travis and Cory are my step brothers, Glenda is my Dads girlfriend (possibly wife, but I dont know for sure) and  Issak is Cory's son.
Shantell is my half sister and Mattew and Caleb are her boys.
Dennise is Cory's girlfriend.
I can not remember Travis's girlfriends name, and I should because they have been dating since before I moved to Iceland. I am really sorry bout that.
Travis and Issak

Me, Issak and Kasper

Travis, Shantell, me and Cory

Travis, Shantell, Dad, me and Cory

Again, serious this time

Caleb, Kasper, Leópold, Stefán, Mathew and  Issak

Me, Leópold and the tractor 

Caleb, Cory, Shantell, Issak, Mattew, Dad, Glenda, me, Leó, Travis, ?????, Kasper and Stefán

Issak and Cory

Travis and partner 

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