Sunday, May 06, 2012


It would seem that I do not know how to relax at all. Seriously, I am on holidays and still waking up stupid early, just like I had to for school, but I don't need to now!
Yesterday I woke up at 6 and had to wait nearly 3 hours for the kids to wake up and today is shaping up to be similar. I was up before 7 and now its 8:30 and no one else in the house is moving.
While this did give me time to check the camera batteries, empty out the car, start the laundry and pack our bag to visit my in-laws today. Now that I am done all that it is just waiting for everyone to wake up.
Then they have to eat and get dressed, I am already done that, then we hit the road, and providing I remember to bring my camera I will have some great pictures of the boys tonight.
The weather is beautiful and it looks like the perfect day to be out in the pool.

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