Friday, May 18, 2012

please do not take your time

My teachers have three weeks to finish marking our exam, from the test date.
I am very happy that most of my teachers followed this, but am really unhappy with the one class that did not.
Seriously, our last exam was on April 11th. That is more then 5 weeks ago. And whats more, it was an oral exam, seriously, I am sure they knew our mark before we left the room. So whats the wait? And such a long wait.
And if all that is not annoying enough now my student loan is all messed up, because the university does not have a mark for me then the student loan people assume that I failed. This reeking some serious havoc on my banking.
Some good news is that I am sure I did not fail the class because the marks that they have put in the system are all looking very good.

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