Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer and everything that comes with it

Time is something that we do not get extra of, even in the summer. While the sun shines all night long, there still does not seem to be enough time....
Hosting fabulous people who mention us is one of my favorite summer pastimes.
Feeling homesick, missing my sister, my niece and nephews, brother, Dad....
Sometimes Iceland disappoints me.
I look forward to school starting again, these kids are staying up way too late, and with that waking up way to cranky.
While most people quit volunteering in the summer I took up the extra hours. I dont think it makes sense to close the free soup and cheap clothing in the summer. IT is true that a lot of people are away, but the people coming for free soup are not going away for the summer, so I am here for them.
I found a crazy person online, I guess everyone deserves a place to spills there crazies.
I also have a sun burn, too many days in the outside pool for me.

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