Tuesday, July 05, 2011

its all who you know.

Everyone knows that in Iceland, everything is about who you know, what job you get, lose, home, everything depends on your connections.

So heres a little story about an apartment in my building. Its a nice little two level condo. Smaller then mine, but with a yard and private entrance making it very much in demand.

For a long time, maybe three years, a friend of mine lived there completely rent and expense free, basically because she knew the right people. There was no formal arrangement, it was just known that this was her apartment and that was that.

Then one day while I was house sitting for her, she was out of the country for long periods of time, I heard a rumor that this apartment was about to be rented out. In fact everyone was talking about it, they wanted it, and since it was always empty it must be available right?

So I went to talk to the Keiler office about this, because my friend seemed to think there was no way someone else could be moving into her apartment, it was, after all, promised to her.

The women at the front desk, confirmed that the apartment was rented out already and they were just waiting for it to be emptied.

So there were a few weeks of stress and confusion. The friend came and packed her stuff, with nearly no notice and without anyone giving her any explanation as to what was happening or why someone else would be moving in.

Fast forward a few weeks and guess what I see, my new neighbor is the women from the front desk of Keiler.

*This women from the front desk is rather high up in the housing chain of command

**How much you want to bet that she is not paying rent either?

***I should also mention that this women scares the heck out of me and it takes all my courage not to cower in fear when I see her. Not someone you want on your bad side.

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