Monday, December 03, 2007

A new member of our family

So the news is that we got a dog! Not just any dog but an Icelandic Sheep Dog puppy. She is so cute, will not grow very big, never barks and is so calm.
Basically, our little Rósa is the perfect pet.

Here is Kasper taking her for a walk.

A little tired?

Stefán worked hard to prepare this bed for her and tuck her in. Kasper actually petted her until she fell asleep.

You would not believe all the stuffed animals that were under this blanket with Rósa. Stefán gave her a bunch of toys.

Here are my boys and there cousin playing soccer.

Holding some bear trophy's.

Garpur at the playground.

Stefán is showing off his little monkey.

Davíð's uncle Jói and Rósa. Jói gave her to us.

And here is a little something made by Kasper.

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