Saturday, March 17, 2007

Why should we recycle?

This is the tittle of a book Kasper has. He really likes recycling. I admit I could be doing a much better job of it, but I am a little lazy.

There is no collection for recycling, so you must collect it, sort it and bring it in yourself.

It is the collecting that is causing me problems. My apartment is much to small to have bins of recyclables waiting to be taken in.

We would like to have the blue bag system, like in Edmonton, started here.

Kasper thinks that the government here does not understand recycling. He thinks it is because they have not read the Why Should We Recycle book, and this must be because it is in English. We told him they probably could read English, but he would like to have a copy translated anyways and sent over.

He really feels it would make a difference.

If there was a blue bag system, or even bins like the garbage ones for milk cartons , paper and plastic, I would be a better person and recycle more.

I think a lot of people would. Or maybe not, it is hard to say.

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