Monday, July 28, 2014

Away at work

I bought the kids a used desktop to help them with editing videos. Seems only right that we help them do stuff they are good at.
That being said, Kasper gave me his old laptop. It is useful to me since mine was dropped on the floor and really is useless now. This laptop is only slightly more useful. While I can read the screen it is important to not try to have to many windows open at once, or the thing crashes. Anymore then 2 windows being at least 1 too many.
So I brought my new laptop to work today. Even a beasty old slow laptop that must be plugged in at all times, seems to have a hole where the disk drive was and does not have wifi (just have to plug it into the internet) is easier to write on then my phone.
I mean I love my phone but typing emails on it is seriously annoying.
Davíð left this morning for some work thing in England. I don't know how I feel about this. Part of me is a little sad because I miss the guy, we have been working opposite shifts a lot these days and have only been able to say a quick +hi+ and +bye+ to each other. The other part of me is crazy jealous that he is going to be in a hotel room with a bathtub. I miss bathtubs. So much. It is probably just as well no one sends me on a work trip that I have to stay in a hotel with a bathtub. I wouldn't get any work done and would probably return home looking like a raisin.
Other news:

  • As we speak, Cassie is on her way home from Australia
  • I actually have a day off work tomorrow
  • Stefán returned from his first big scouts jamboree a very happy kid
  • Kasper is looking forward to spending the next long weekend with his girlfriend, her parents rented an apartment in the city and he is invited to stay with them
  • Leópold and his friend Guðmunder have a playdate tomorrow. They are going to Leópolds Amma's house in the country
  • We found Robert's birthday present. Sure it is a couple of weeks early but we are bringing it out to him in the morning. That's right, we got him a kitten, but don't tell him yet. 

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